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These hand-sewn, nontoxic, body- and earth-friendly packers* are designed and made by a genderqueer/trans textile artist (surprise, it's me, D./Topaz!) who was sick and tired of wearing mass-produced packers made of heavy, chafing silicone or don't-want-that-in-my-pants plastics and phthalates.

These packers are each unique, but all are made with care from cotton fabric leftover from my work as a textile artist, and stuffed with scrap thread and tiny fabric scraps to add a bit of weight while still retaining comfort. The back sections are made of soft cotton flannel, and the top sections are mostly quilting cotton, though occasionally I'll use cotton corduroy or soft cotton canvas.

I make these in a range of shapes, sizes, and color combinations to accommodate your preferences. Click on the images to see more detail. These vary from squishy to more firm depending on the amount of filling; see individual descriptions below for specific details on your packer of choice. If you'd like more information on one of the packers you see here, or help choosing a size, please contact me before purchasing.

Care instructions: 100% cotton fabric exterior, mixed-material textile interior (scrap thread and fabric). Hand wash in cold water with mild soap and lay out on a towel to dry or hang on a line. I haven't tried washing these in a washing machine or dryer, so I recommend hand washing and drying these for best results.

*What's a packer, you say? For those who aren't familiar, a packer is an object designed to be work in your pants to create the appearance of a bulge. Trans, genderqueer, nonbinary, and gender-expansive people may be interested in packing (occasionally or regularly, or anything in between), but anyone can wear a packer for any reason they choose!


Available stock:

Large navy + stripes - squishy dark blue flannel + blue and white striped cotton canvas.

Large plaid + eggs - medium-firm autumnal color flannel + light gray cotton with watercolor print of eggs.

[SOLD] Medium florals + corduroy - medium-firm white and yellow floral flannel + forest green cotton corduroy.

Medium fawn + geometric burgundy - medium-squishy fawn-colored flannel + black geometric lines on burgundy cotton.

Small gray + gold droplets - medium-firm gray flannel + golden yellow fabric with water droplet print.

Small gray velvet + rose - medium-squishy cotton velvet + dusty rose (a warm pink-brown) cotton.

X-Small gray + pink braids - gray flannel + hot pink braid-print cotton.